MasterChef Junior S05E05: 500 Days of Gnocchi

In the first team challenge of the season, the kids touch both our hearts (metaphorically) and each cut of filet mignon they insist on feeding to American heroes (literally). Having no such responsibility, the AfterChef crew works on other important projects: admiring Shane's slam poetry, practicing what to say during an interview to be the next MCJ judge, and questioning whether anything in life is really fair.

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MasterChef Junior S05E04: Wiener Takes All

It's hard to record an episode of your MasterChef Junior aftershow podcast when you're consumed with the various stages of grief from losing your favourite contestant, but we are professionals. So we set up the mics to answer the tough questions, even in our despair: Is Shane the Train secretly a slam poet? Would Evan and Justise consider adopting us? Did AFJ co-hosts Jenni and Stacey ruin Producer Max's relationship with his brother by prank calling him in the middle of the show? It's time to tune in to AfterChef Junior, which once again, is somehow longer than the show we're trying to recap.


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MasterChef Junior S05E03: A Great Spirit Deserves Mimosas

Every episode of AfterChef Junior is a learning opportunity, and this one is no exception. As we recap MasterChef Junior Episode 3, "Just Like Gordon," we don't just accumulate hot tips about how to score a sea bass—we also discover how many states there actually are, which of the ACJ hosts secretly share a body, and why America can only handle 15 seconds of Irresistible Eddie at a time.

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MasterChef Junior S05E01: Christina Tosi, Time Traveller

We are BACK! It’s Season 2 of everyone’s favourite (and the internet’s only) MasterChef Junior superfan aftershow, and we are definitely not experiencing any sort of sophomore slump. If anything, the AfterChef Junior team is more fired up than ever before, and asking the hard-hitting questions that made us such a hit with contestants and contestants’ parents alike last year. How many times did Max make us re-start? How often did Stacey insist on bringing race into the conversation? How long did it take Jenni to introduce a conspiracy theory that involved time travel? Subscribe and don’t miss an episode!

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MasterChef Junior S04E12: The AfterChef Finale

It's the MasterChef Junior season 4 finale, and as super fans and your ultimate source of MasterChef Junior news, we naturally are posting our reactions a record-fast four days later. We cover those last lingering questions from the season— Have we been sounding creepy this whole time? Has our production team arranged for US to be doused with lemonade? Do we even HAVE a production team?—and end off the show in style. Ooh, and we interview Chef Adam, too! This day was too great for us to handle.

MasterChef Junior S04E11: The One Where We Interview Chef Ian (!)

Of course we're recapping the latest episode of MasterChef Junior, S04E11 "Head of the Class," but it's very hard to concentrate because WE JUST INTERVIEWED CHEF IAN. Is this even real life?!

Also on the docket for discussion: Who are our tiny style icons, and why does no one care what Stacey thinks about anything? How have we managed to learn nothing about cooking in 11 weeks of watching these baby geniuses? Will the image of the severed heads of the contestants' parents served on a platter haunt our dreams forever? The questions never end.

MasterChef Junior S04E10: Welcome to the RamsayDome

Like a bare fist full of raw venison meat, MasterChef Junior S04E10, "A Gordon Ramsay Dinner Party," is a harsh dose of reality. As the last six contestants face off to serve Gordon's suspiciously good-looking bffs at his obscenely beautiful LA home, we're asking the tough questions: Is Gordon Ramsay trying to sell his house? Why does Jenni keep trying to body-shame Britan's most beloved chef? Exactly how many deer has little Chef Avery murdered in her short but productive life? And can we please see G.R.'s burned butter-foot?

We can maybe see why we weren't invited to this party.

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MasterChef Junior S04E08 & S04E09: Corey's Oven Was an Inside Job

We were as surprised as anyone to discover Friday was a double episode of MasterChef Junior("Hatching a Plan" and "Tag Team Time")but we handled the shock like professionals: by recording a double episode of our own and daring Fox to sue us.

As usual, we're discussing all the pressing issues facing the MasterChef Juniorverse with the gravity they deserve. Is Graham Elliot quitting because wearing that chicken suit was the last straw in a series of escalating humiliations? Why has no one but Stacey ever heard of a Ukranian Easter egg? Was Corey's oven turned off intentionally so he would take the fall? Can we get in trouble for using the Serial theme music?

Bok bok, baby, it's chicken time.

MasterChef Junior S04E06 & S04E07: VIP Grannies

It's a double episode! We're covering S04E06 ("When Life Gives You Lemons") and S04E07 ("Blind Ambition") of MasterChef Junior in this jam-packed edition of AFJ. Our dedicated hosts are dreaming big this week, discussing MasterChef Junior-inspired tattoos, casting a fantasy talk show and designing license plates for the great state of Pennsylvania.

PLUS, we pour one out for our beloved Chef Ian (emotionally).

MasterChef Junior S04E05: Cheesesteaks and Pleasure

This week's episode tackles MasterChef Junior S04E05, "Happy Birthday," and we get to the bottom of the BIG QUESTIONS. Whose birthday party is this, exactly? Has Gordon Ramsay just concocted this whole show as a secret dating service for his children? Why hasn't Philadelphia added the phrase "Cheesesteaks and Pleasure" to its license plates yet? PLUS: an excruciatingly long spelling bee!

MasterChef Junior S04E02: Not a Sprinkles Kind of Episode

On the docket: "A Sweet Surprise," S04E02. This week, the AfterChef Junior gang attempts to get to the bottom of some burning questions as we recap episode two of MasterChef Junior: What did Chef Logan do with all his winning money? Which judge would you prefer to have adopt you? Why have we never seen Tae-Ho's birth certificate? Have we been catfished by a child chef's twitter account?

MasterChef Junior S04E0: Pre-Premiere, Ultra-Fancy Fantasy Draft

We kick off AfterChef Junior, the web's only (probably) unofficial MasterChef Junior aftershow, before America's favourite junior home cooking competition itself even starts to make a fantasy draft with this season's contestants. Hosted by Jenni Elliott, Stacey McLachlan, and Max Mitchell.

Talking points: Making things "fancy", Natalie Portman's life achievements, infiltrating the MasterChef kitchen in a Never Been Kissed-type situation, children making pug noises.

Disclaimer: We judge these children because we care. Any bold statements we make about these little prodigies are exaggerated for comic effect. Also, this show probably isn't for kids, ironically.

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