The Transect: Part X - Season Recap

It’s a celebration as Kody, Sean, and Ian wrap up Season 1 and discuss the unlikelihood of developing and hosting a podcast. They provide behind-the-scenes insights into this rambling production and solicit you, the kind listener, for ideas and suggestions for Season 2 of The Transect. This episode is full of laughs, introspection, remembrance, and forecasting what’s next on the horizon. Tune in and don’t forget to comment on our twitter or Instagram account @the_transect for what you would like to hear next season.

The Transect: Part IX - Getting Curious with George

Part IX – Getting Curious with George

It’s the New Year, and The Transect keeps rolling along. Tune is as Sean, Kody, and Ian sit down with the Chair of the Department of Archaeology at Simon Fraser University – Dr. George P. Nicholas. We chat about his early years in the northeastern United States and his own transformation in Kamloops, BC where local Nation members challenged him to think and perform archaeology in new ways. As former students of George, he never wastes a moment to drop phat knowledge while we discuss archaeology as it is expressed in differential power relations, theoretical discourse, and actual practice in BC

The Transect: Part VIII - Michael-Management

OK. For some reason, field season began in October this year, and everyone had to scramble hard to find time out of the field to put this together, but here it is!

The long awaited Michael Klassen episode. 

The magnanimous Gary Shandling of archaeology – Dr. Michael Klassen – joins The Transect crew as Sean, Kody, and Ian discuss Michael’s early years in Alberta (e.g., Writing-on-Stone) which paved the way for his applied anthropological approach in archaeology here in BC. A deep thinker and sincere scholar, Michael shows us his Alison Wylie tattoo and regales us with stories during the boom years of commercial archaeology within First Nations communities that led him to co-produce Indigenous approaches to cultural landscape and community-based heritage stewardship.


The Transect: Part VII - Wayne's World

Dear listeners,
Apologies for the delay in getting this up! As a reward for your patience, this week is a real treat. At age 58, Wayne Point of the Musqueam Nation is a mischievous ranconteur and elder-in-training. His depth of archaeological practice and experience is second to none in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC. Tune is as Wayne chats with Kody and Sean - You're never quite sure where the story is going – only that the destination is worth the journey.


The Transect: Part VI - Infiltrating the Academy w/ Karen Rose Thomas

Sean, Kody, and Ian welcome the fantastic Karen Rose Thomas of Tsleil-Waututh Nation. Karen discusses archaeology from an Indigenous perspective, her big recent grad speech, motherhood, finding accomplices in decolonizing archaeology, and her future research as she undertakes a graduate degree at UBC. Karen is fun, wise, and engaging. Guest appearances by her daughter! 

The Transect: Part IV - It's Incredibly Hard and Nobody Does It Well

Prince Rupert in the house! Jay is an anthropologist who works for a First Nation and is an expert in Environmental Assessments (EA) and Cumulative Effects. Sean, Kody, and Ian try to wrap their feeble brains around the EA process in British Columbia. Discussion touches on how it works, the players, and how First Nations interests are thought about and incorporated in the EA process for major developmental projects.

The Transect: Part II Boss-Ass Bitches


Guest: Aviva Finkelstein, BA, Project Manager – Vancouver

Time to break up the sausage party.  This week, tune in as Sean, Ian, and Kody welcome Aviva Finkelstein whose no-horse-shit approach to CRM archaeology brings all the girls and boys to the yard. We discuss feminism, ’bro-culture’, and ways to build a more equitable and inclusive archaeological practice for all peoples.